Why is a full-service agency better than an addition of experts?

Digital projects are getting more and more complex. Not only technologies and tools are evolving faster, but the global face of digital behavior is changing, resulting in multiple initiatives in all components of what makes the end product efficient and profitable. Approaches and methodologies must adapt themselves in the course of this moving environment.

At the beginning was the omnipotent Webmaster, accountable for anything related to a Website. Then came the first stages of complexification, and therefore the first expertises. This is the centrifugal movement.

When the digital started to become strategic for organizations, the need for a consolidation of expertises and integrated thinking became obvious. An efficient and profitable end product results from the smart combination of multiple expertises (code, design, SEO, WA, content, social, etc). This is the centripetal movement. However, we still see in the market verticalised agencies that try to differentiate themselves by tacking specific areas. Requests for proposals are also structured in that way. That’s logical and legitimate. But, for the project’s sake, this is not the appropriate configuration: it forces organizations to manage several suppliers whose culture, methodologies and interests differ. Making them work together in a seamless way so that the end product takes advantage of all components that would work and interact, is daunting, and often leads to powerful modules running independently.

The quality lies in the ability to leverage on the whole wall. Isolated bricks miss a thick layer of added value. SEO is clearly linked to content. To code, too. Analytics are linked to strategy, to code, to marketing, to social. Social itself is linked to content. And so on. This is why we do strongly believe in a new generation of full-service agencies. We don’t call them “generalists”, nor “360″. We call them “aggregation of expertises”, working in teams under the umbrella of integrated methodologies and management. This is, for us, the key to maximize added value and profits generated from a digital program.

Laurent Kinet on Customer Engagement Canvas

We advise our clients to engage with a full-service supplier, mastering all expertises required by the strategic objectives of their digital projects. To face this challenge, K Company, thanks to her involvement in the Cronos Group, has set up rooms for those expertises and processes to make them interact smoothly and efficiently. We are currently working on an integrated model that encompasses all topics in a single approach. This model will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Originally written for K Copany’s K Live blog.

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